6 Mistakes to Avoid in the Game of Roulette

For all lovers of online roulette games, there is nothing more exciting than watching the ball roll, hearing that particular sound and dreaming of winning the jackpot. But let’s face it, online Roulette is a game of probabilities and systems, so we should play with a cool head, with strategies to play roulette and, above all, with a high level of knowledge about this game.

For this reason, we want to reveal to you the 6 most common mistakes that you should avoid when playing online or live Roulette so that you minimize risks, avoid possible losses and enjoy a great experience.

Playing without knowing the game:

If you are a novice player, you should start by playing free roulette (the demo version offered by several operators) without placing any type of real money bet. Your first task will be to know the dynamics of this game, its respective rules and, most importantly, to know how far you can go. We are sure that you will get an idea on how to bet to obtain a better result if you minimize risks and possible losses.

Play to recover losses:

Never, never gamble to recoup your losses.

Trying to play after you’ve been through a loss of money is one of the worst roulette mistakes. What happens is that you will find yourself stressed and very overwhelmed, you will not be able to think clearly and l or more likely is that you will end up losing even more money . If it’s happening to you, try to take a deep breath. If calm does not return, better close session and leave it for later.

Trust the “possible statistics”:

Many players fall for something known as the “Monte Carlo Fallacy” or “the Logical Fallacy”, which is basically believing that past results of the casino game will affect future results. That is, to think that because several red numbers have come out in a row, the turn will be for the black color and pile a lot of money on said bet. Unfortunately roulette does not work that way and statistics or assumptions do not always apply because the outcome of the roulette wheel is random. Roulette has no memory. 

The fact that one color appears repeatedly does not mean that, by obligation, the other will appear. Think well your bets.

Fall into bankruptcy syndrome:

It is logical that players want to increase their bets as they begin to see profits, but in Roulette increasing the bets can multiply the risk. We explain it to you. Let’s say you are putting a good amount of money on a bet and it is not doing well at all. Even if you are not getting the results you expect, you do not decrease your bet and, in the end, you end up losing everything.

When you feel like you’re not having a hot streak and that you have a lot of money at stake, reduce your bet. It is important that you learn to analyze at what stage or level of the game you are and how far you can go.

Not knowing the types of bets:

In case you don’t know, in the game of Roulette there are two types of bets: outside and inside bets. Outside bets are more likely than inside bets , since outside bets (flush, odd / even, etc.) have a very low payout ratio (2 to 1), and that is why the player will have more options to hit .

It is better to bet on Foul (1 to 18) Pass (19 to 36), Red or Black, or Even and Odd.

Remember that each game of Roulette has a different system , for example: American roulette has more balls than European 38 versus 37, and that represents a big difference when trying to have more options to be successful.

Bet on any sector of Roulette:

People generally bet on Roulette like in Hollywood movies, just getting carried away. When the reality is that Roulette has certain sectors, one more beneficial than others, which offer statistical advantages and greater chances of winning.

For example: the most likely sector is the combination of sector 23, which has a success rate of 62.16% when covering 23 of the 37 possible.

Play the Roulette game that offers the most: It turns out that in the game of online Roulette, the bigger the prize offered by the online casino, the less likely you are to win